Powerful Partners is a site designed by the Dr.s Jill and John Parker to relate life’s meaningful relationship to Bible guidance.  We want to approach all kinds of partnerships with God’s principles: marriage and the home, church leadership in the local congregation, and business partners.

There are several vital institutions that had their origin or instruction in scripture.  The first one found in Genesis is the partnership of marriage. God set down how this institution is to provide an intimate, nurturing atmosphere for mates helping one another to work through life’s stages and problems and to bring up children in a beneficial and godly manner. Adam and Eve were the first couple and Eve was designed to help Adam and he her. Everything was perfect in Eden where God set in motion the first home. Eve’s choice to believe the lies of Satan and disobey God’s one command, supported by Adam, led mankind into a life-long struggle in which both spiritual and physical death were first encountered, destroying the perfect peace in Eden that God designed. The couple were expelled from the garden and access to the tree of life. Toil and pain in childbirth and separation from God (spiritual death) and that tree of life (physical death) are felt by all. Spiritual death was by far the most serious consequence and the one that must be cured.

God had a plan to reunite man and God and to cure this broken partnership. So that man would not have to die eternally, he would send a part of himself to take man’s place in the ultimate death, resulting in the opportunity for salvation from sin and resurrection from the old physical body to enjoy a new body in heaven.  So Christ came to earth, after a long period of learning on the part of mankind as the Israelite people, as God’s chosen race, experienced all kinds of lessons on what God is like and what man is like and how to become the righteous person God intends.  We are the fortunate beneficiaries of the ultimate sacrifice of God and his Son Jesus who died on the cross.  Now if we contact this blood in baptism, we have the possibility of living a life that is Christian and righteous.  We can then spend the rest of eternity with the saved in heaven. Here the partnership of God and man is ultimately established.  Spiritual death is erased.

Other important institutions addressed in the Bible are the church and the government. Jesus becoming the Son of Man and dying on the cross made way for the fulfillment of God’s plan through his resurrection and the establishment of His church on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2.  Christ’s apostles had it revealed to them and hence to all, that salvation through Jesus is possible for every man. The books of Acts tells all about the early church and what it leaders and members were becoming and doing   as servants of Christ. We use this pattern today for our walk with Christ.

The Bible gives guidelines for all of life’s relationships and we invite daily study to enrich your life and know God’s communication to you. You will want to communicate back with him through prayer. Maybe you need guidance and love in nurturing partnerships in your life. Use the Bible as your guideline.  It is timeless and always presents the higher view that will lead you home to be with God and Christ.

Please read the pages on different kinds of partnerships and consider this an interactive site where you are encouraged to correspond with the Parkers.  Their next seminar, addressing the partnership of church leaders and their wives,  will be held at the Springfield Gardens Church of Christ in Queens, New York, on March 18-20, 2011 on the topic “Powerful Partnerships–The Church Leader and His Wife.” For more info, see http://www.sgchurchofchrist.org.

Blessings, Jill and John ParkerJohn and Jill Parker