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Save the date of Saturday, June 27 from 10-12 noon at the Fairview Church of Christ, 2001 Fairview Boulevard, Fairview, TN 37062

Robert and Ian ParkerIan Benjamin Parker was born on February 14, 2013 to our son Dr. Robert Parker and his wife Bria, of Alexandria, Virginia.  Here Ian appears with his Dad wrapped in the baby afghan made in 1978 by his great grandmother, Mamie Parker.  Just another family tradition. We are thankful to the Lord for the health of Ian and Bria and look forward to years of service to the Lord by this great family.

In Memory of BIG BILL JOHNSON, 1955-2012

In Memory, September 13. 2012 Yesterday, Thursday, September 13, 2012, William C. Johnson, Jr., faithful minister and evangelist of the gospel for the Springfield Gardens Church of Christ, passed from this life to his heavenly reward. His energy, power and kind and illuminating smile will be missed from now on.

For a really great profile about Bill, see Dale Jenkins blog,


The Fairview Church of Christ is conducting a leadership seminar on March 18.  Invitations have been issued by the elders of that congregation to those attending.

John and I are so looking forward to meeting again with our dear brothers and sisters at Fairview for this Sunday afternoon event.  John will meet with the men and Jill with the ladies in their own classroom.  The first ladies’ session will present motivational material and some scriptural study for being the partner of a husband that is called to be a church leader.  After a short break, another session will address  the attributes a church leader’s wife, indeed any Christian woman, should possess with time for discussion and reflection on how we can be the woman we wish to be.

John will preach that evening at the 6 pm service on Uncommon Valor from a Common Man.  Please come for this study on Gideon.

The Springfield Gardens congregation began just over 30 years ago in the Queens section of New York with Brother Bill and Sister Faye Johnson.  The congregation started very small in an old house and has matured and thrived to occupy a very serviceable nice building on Farmer’s Boulevard where around 165 attend on a regular basis.

The Great News to announce is that for the first time, elders and deacons will be appointed to serve this close and fine group of Christians that just follow the Bible and do what the Lord says so that as many souls may be saved as possible. Through good times and bad, the congregation has held together, ministering in hard times like 9-11 to neighbors and firefighters in need of spiritual, moral and physical support.  The big Disaster Relief truck pulled in to their parking lot to unload foodstuffs and other necessities just after the heart-breaking disaster. The congregation is a fine example at rejoicing when wonderful things happen, like baptisms into Christ and new homes formed during weddings.

The congregation has matured so that natural leaders have emerged who can serve according to the precepts laid out in the New Testament.  What a joyful time will be had by this close Christian family as the new leaders promise God and their fellow Christians to serve as the Lord would have them, and the members promise to respect God’s appointed leaders. John and Jill Parker from the Granny White Church of Christ in Nashville, one of the first supporters of this church over 30 years ago, will join the group to celebrate.  The service will start in the evening around 9 pm and continue into the New Year with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper and special prayers for the coming New Year 2012.  Join us one and all!


Sunday Morning Worship

What a gratifying and helpful experience it was for John and me to be with fellow Christians at Springfield Gardens last week! We are tryly thankful for the fellowship and fine welcome.  We look forward to the next opportunity to be together.

Bill Johnson, minister, greeting members